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Tuning into the NATURAL Universe


We are lying eyes closed in a small room with some good friends in a warm environment was immediately calming. The superb sound proofing of the studio removed all external sounds and peace descends. A complex range of sounds emanated from Carolina’s crystal bowls and tuning forks, seemingly omnidirectional. Whilst the tuning forks give out a crystal clear icy sound (that I was expecting from previous experience with Buddhist chanting), the pulsating, room-filling hum from the bowls – each of which generates a different frequency and related harmonics, was a revelation and subsequently I have pictured this like jellyfish as they float transparently and vibrating in a clear sparkling ocean. Here I was being connected to a different vision of the natural world than the green vital spaces of the Sussex countryside where we often walk.

The intensity of the sound was all enveloping, quite other-worldly. Unlike annoying or unexpected sounds in our everyday life, these sounds are comforting and somehow connecting, washing over my body as a whole and putting me in harmony with my surroundings. From time to time different areas of my skin seem to be reacting to particular sounds and I am moved to stretching out in different ways to bathe in the sound.
When the session ends there is a short period of re-orientation. I think this is because the constant chattering of the mind has been quieted and you are able to relax completely. You have allowed yourself to become happier, unmolested by negative thoughts that constantly well up from the unconscious mind.

The next day after walking, swimming or yoga I feel warm, serene and capable. I guess this is because of the release of the so-called happiness hormones. The day after our sound therapy I feel similar even though we were lying still in the process. I guess this was a mental effect of the response of my mind to the sounds. From now on I shall be discarding my headphones and feeling the music through the sound waves from my loudspeakers."


Vibrations affect MIND & BODY

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