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East Sussex Naturists is the new name for Eastbourne Naturist Swim. The swim has been going for over 30 years, but now we do many other naked activities from art gallery visits, naked dining, badminton to tenpin bowling evenings. Our swim is still our regular event during the winter months. The club has been growing steadily in recent years perhaps because we are on Facebook and Twitter. 

British Naturism logo

We are a member club of British Naturism so all our events are on their website regional calendar and our blog is published there too.

Talking about naturism at a Speakeasy
Talking at the Catalyst Club


Here we are at the Catalyst Club in Brighton spreading the word about the benefits of naturism.

We aim to educate the public that simply being naked is not illegal in England and we are simply expressing a lifestyle that is not immoral, if free of body shame and discrimination.

Naturists are generally friendly, helpful and tolerant and apart from the freedom we experience it is the social side of naturism that really brings the best benefits and an appreciation of what being a human community should be all about.

Swimmers in the pool at Seaford


Ideas like our Naked Heart Walk and Marine Conservation Society BeachClean days where naturists and non-naturist alike mix together to enjoy the outdoors are our vision of a society where being naked raises no eyebrows and is seen as everyday normal as it was for much of human history.

It's only a hundred years since bathing costumes did not cover bathers from neck to toe and discouraged most from actually swimming due to their weight when wet. 

Now costumes seem far more provocative than being naked!

The law no longer permits local authorities to determine what we wear, if anything, on the beach and we work to combat the idea that the human body is pornographic in itself.

Swimmers in the pool at Seaford
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