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Relaxing dip

2024 Season

We're a very friendly group. We have been swimming over 35 years most often at Motcombe pool in Eastbourne, but this remains closed at present. We are currently at Seaford once a month. Please phone for details.


Our club has swimmers of all types, sizes and shapes and the pool has a hoist for the less able. You don't even have to swim. Some of us just relax and chat. We also hold social events (beach and garden trips, walks, barbeques, naturist club and sauna visits and yoga classes) during the summer when we have a swimming break April to October.

Our events are members only and initially you will have temporary membership for which a few details are required and photo-id must be shown to confirm your address. This ensures that events attract only naturists. We are a member club of British Naturism so please let us know your BN membership number if you are a BN member.


After your temporary membership expires you will be invited to join as a full member and a membership card can be bought at each renewal in November that can also be used at other clubs, events, beaches, etc.

ESN members in a hot tub after a wild swim
Anchor 2

Visitors are welcome. On a first visit a temporary membership costs £1 and lasts a month after which you will be given the chance to become a member. Each swim costs £8 per person. Please contact us for more details, phone  07486 424068 or email in advance.

Please remember that respect for the individual is a key naturist principle, so please do not behave to members, visitors, or staff in any way that might cause offence.

Making a splash at Seaford Pool
Normans Bay on a map

Norman's Bay beach is at Cooden near Bexhill. We use it for our beach day and is one of the locations for our wild swims.

Just bring a towel or three
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