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Naturists believe that having a body is natural, and that being naked is natural too.

Naturism's central idea is that it is physically, psychologically and socially healthy to spend time free of clothing.

Naturist Activities

So what do we do? We simply enjoy the same activities that anyone else does, but we choose to be free of clothes.

The main activity is our weekly swim during the months September to May.

We currently have fortnightly naked yoga sessions.

There are naturist walks and visits to naturist clubs.

There are barbeques and private visits to interesting gardens and houses/museums.

And Beach Days where you can relax on the beach in the company of like minded individuals

Naturist Lifestyle

As naturists, we have been confident in the value of our lifestyle for a very long time and there has been general agreement about why. This statement attempts to state those beliefs and to indicate why naturism is so important, both for us and for society as a whole.

Naturist Belief

  • Naturists believe that nudity is an enjoyable, natural and moral state which brings benefits to themselves and to society at large.

Decency and shame

  • The human body in all its diversity is an object of intrinsic beauty of which the owner should be proud.

  • Simple nudity is not indecent, shameful, or immoral


Social division and respect

  • Naturism engenders self-respect and respect for others regardless of shape, age, gender, size, colour, or disability.

  • People should be accepted for who they are and not for what they wear.

  • Communal nudity discourages social barriers but clothing accentuates social differences.

Environment, nature, and quality of life

  • · Naturism encourages respect for, and harmony with, the environment.

  • · Naturism can add to the quality of life through the enjoyment of simplicity.

  • · Naturism can reduce the impact on the environment.

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