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03. About Us

Under the clubs former name of Eastbourne Naturist Swim Club our regular weekly swim has been going for about 35 years.

Our weekly Sunday swim is still our regular event, but we are now at Seaford pool as our old home at Motcombe is feeling its age and is currently closed for repair.

Swimming is great exercise for all the muscles of our body and the feeling of being naked in water is something that is common to all whether they restrict that to a brief morning shower, a cool dip in the sea or join us for an hour of relaxation. It's an easy introduction to naturism where the water limits your exposure, but it's not the best social meeting place.

So in recent years we have become ever more adventurous in pursuing the things that our clothed selves have enjoyed - pub evenings, dining at restaurants, playing badminton, doing exercise classes, taking a walk in the countryside, going to an art gallery or historic house, visiting a garden or camping with a bunch of friends. We have done all these things. Apart from enjoying our freedom from clothes and all they represent we also give talks, attend exhibitions and engage people we meet to let them know why we are naturists. Everyone is entitled to express themselves as long as they do no harm. We don't want to exclude those who for whatever reason wish to be clothed even on the hottest days even from the small corners that are naturist beaches. So we do not want to be excluded from doing the normal things that many people do without attracting attention, being stared at or being discriminated against for simply being naked.

One of the original founders still comes regularly, but in recent years we have increased our membership towards the numbers last seen in the heyday of club when naturism was a closet activity. Of course now naturists can be seen on TV and in the quieter corners of the countryside and beaches it may be viewed as a commonplace thing to do. Indeed it is perfectly legal to be naked in your own garden. But the pandemic has shown that we are sociable beings and our mental and physical health improves in company and in green space.

Our club offers these things in a atmosphere of tolerance where being human comes first and our competitive instincts can be put away for a time and we can really enjoy being in the moment and recognising the good qualities in ourselves and in others. Whether we are quiet or effervescent we can all respond to the freedom to be ourselves that simply being naked allows ourselves.


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