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08 Naked Qi Gong

Naturist activities are growing in the UK. People value the connection that being naked provides. Combined with the element of exercise, we look after both our physical and mental wellbeing and choose to practise outside in nature whenever we can.
We have in recent years run yoga and Qi Gong classes. Collective mixed sex class encourages all of us to step away from our busy lives and give this time to ourselves. We take the opportunity to socialise afterwards and leisurely share tea, cake and conversation.

Our last class took place in my garden on a hot sunny day. Our lady leader inspires us to practise for ourselves so we are not slavishly following her. But we are also practising for each other. I wrote this afterwards - I do find Qi Gong much more to my liking that yoga and quite beneficial. I was able to relax after everyone went and do nothing which I have not been able to do much since I retired. I also find the breathing much better than yoga as its not forced and I can be less worried about doing it right. And when we were standing in a ring I did feel some electricity - I guess it was just my own circulation getting going, but it did give me the feeling that we were exercising together and for everyone.


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