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1 in 10 work from home in the nude reports the outcome of a global survey of 8000 people by the software company Kaspersky into how the pandemic has changed our working day.

For 37% of respondents, there is no going back. They have tasted the comfort of working from home, and now insist on a more flexible work schedule, to balance working from home and visiting the office.

At Eastbourne Naturist Swim Club we are wondering if this is the reason that we are getting a big increase in the number of people who want to come to our swim as visitors.

I will admit to taking up bridge just before the pandemic and like to play online completely naked. I attend seminars as well and whereas I used to abhor putting on clothes to go out to play bridge or have a meeting, now I have the same problem indoors and have to remember which meetings have video and which do not. I recently trialled a new bridge website that offers video and audio to make it much more like a physical bridge club and it was only a few minutes before that I remembered that we weren't playing on the usual, rather anonymous, website. My partner does not know I like to be nude and our opponents could be anywhere in the world!

If you want to find our more ways to enjoy naturism at home and online have a look at . 'The variety of Naturist events in the UK has never been as good - take a look around and hopefully we will see you soon'


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