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Naturism is flourishing

Thanks to our website and our new Facebook page the numbers attending our swim are on the increase. At a time when most clubs have falling membership - golf club membership is apparently 25% down, BN membership is reported as steady. BN events are increasing too so join in and have fun - no special uniform or equipment necessary and you can chat about anything!

Nude exercise is on the up in particular. There are classes in Southampton, Borden and London see

Noahs Ark Sun club have also been organising exercise classes under the title Fit Bunny

There is also the Great British Skinny Dip 2017 see Its in September - 'The Great British Skinny Dip has been organised to create an up-beat, health-focused, anyone can do it, exciting challenge for people in the UK who have never skinny dipped (or have done so very rarely) to discover the health benefits of clothes-free activities and to help change people’s attitudes towards body image.'

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