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Naked Britain

Naked Britain is a superb book of photographs taken by Amelia Allen and shown at the Herrick Gallery on Piccadilly until 8th November. On the 4th a clothes optional viewing was arranged that I attended and the gallery was filled with naturists and passers-by in celebration of Amelia's two year project to photograph modern naturism. Amelia is a young, but accomplished fashion photographer and she has distilled the essence of what it is like to discard one's clothes and enjoy yourself is a stress-free, healthy, tolerant and friendly lifestyle. Naturism has hidden away behind high fences in the past, but there is a new perspective in the 21st Century where a more open culture is gaining ground and certainly in our club membership is growing. The message is that naturists like to have fun and enjoy the freedom of being just who they are without being judged and this event in London was certainly fun. Passers-by seem to enjoy the spectacle too and this just goes to show how much more tolerant the general public is today. Here is an Instagram link for those who were unable to visit the gallery and a link to her article in Cosmopolitan (How photographing naturists helped me to love my body).

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