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Naked Opportunities

Naturism is not a solitary pastime and as we have all discovered during the current crisis we all need human contact- our minds demand it. Naturism also means we can get the physical exercise that we need to stay healthy too.

The pool we have used for over 30 years remains closed and needs extensive repairs. In the past we have inquired elsewhere in Eastbourne for facilities, but often we have received at best a curt negative reply with no reason given. So it was a surprise when our Secretary approched a Leisure Centre in a small town not far away to use their pool and find it easily arranged. Our first visit last weekend was a success and we found the Covid arrangements very good and the facilties much better than we had in Eastbourne.

Today I have received a positive reply about starting naked yoga at the same place. I have been arranging naked yoga classes for more that 2 years, but since lockdown I have joined an online class - somehow it's not quite the same. Our real classes used to have the added extra of tea, cake, and a chat afterwards.

All our events are posted on the website at where visitors can register to join us. It has the added bonus of removing the paper we are obliged to keep to the digital world.

If you wish to keep up with our events then please subscribe to this blog on the website (it also appears on the BN website in the member's area and all our events are posted on the regional calendar) and I will post to the blog as new events are created.

In the meantime, we will be preparing to hit the starting blocks.


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