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Naturist swimming returns

We used to swim at a pool in Eastbourne called Motcombe pool but due to an issue with the plumbing the pool closed and remains closed still with an uncertain future for it

We had found a temporary home for the swims at Hailsham pool but we was suddenly told that the time slot we had been given to a swimming lesson group and this then in turn left us without a pool. Members from the club searched franticly for a new pool but had no luck. Due to the whole lockdown situation the pools are staying open longer but want to keep it open for the general public rather than shut it for a swim group.

We persevered with searching for a new pool and it payed off. We now have the use of a pool in Seaford. We had used it a long time back as a temporary pool when Motcombe pool was not available. We have managed to get a Sunday afternoon slot and had out first swim this week there. 15 people turned up for the swim and we had 3 that arrived a little late so was unable to swim this time.

Everyone was pleased to be back in the pool together and to be able to catch up with one another. we are now going to be swimming up until March with a break over Christmas. If you would like to come along then pop onto our events page and rsvp a place


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