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Sun, Solace and Rainbows

As the winter season will be soon upon us here I venture naked outside for shorter and shorter periods. So in the warmth indoors I seek sun and solace on the Internet.

Today I found a new naturist association – it's called ANACE - Ceará Naturist Association and it was founded on the 3rd April 2020. I was attracted by their logo as it has some similarities with the new naturist logo doing the rounds on Twitter, but in seeking to have the colours of the Brazilian flag it includes green for the forest.

So it seemed rather curious that a country renowned for the Rio carnival finds it hard to establish naturism. This in a country where a few hundred years ago nudity was the norm.

It was only in 2014 that an official nude beach was designated in Rio after a long legal battle. The beach attracted lots of visitors during the World Cup in 2018. There are only 7 other official beaches in the 4000+ miles of Brazilian coastline, but there are at least 20 unofficial ones.

According to the FBN (the Brazilian naturist association), which was established only in 1988, there are 350,000 Brazilians who practice nudism among the 70 million who have adopted it around the world. The pioneer of nudism in Brazil was actress Dora Vivacqua, better known by the nickname of Luz del Fuego. In 1949, del Fuego, who used to walk naked in Rio, created the Partido Naturista Brasileiro (Brazilian Naturist Party). In 1954 she founded the Clube Naturista Brasileiro, in Ilha do Sol in Baía da Guanabara. Her birthday, February 21, is remembered and celebrated among Brazilian naturists as the "Day of Naturism”. .

Naked Wanderings have an article on what they found in Brazil updated in September 2020.

Note that naturism is naturismo in Brazilian Portuguese. Searching for naturist I came across the term naturista in Peru – I had no idea there were organised naturists in Peru, but they are not naturista. Centro Naturista sell herbal teas called emoliente.

Peru is famous for its rainbow mountain Vinicunca. It’s over 17,000 feet high, which is as high as Everest Base Camp. An alternative to this popular place that opened as an attraction in 2015 is Palcoyo where a similar mountain can be seen but it’s still 3 and a half hours to drive there from Cusco, and 1 hour 45 minutes of hiking. You also get to see the last Inca rope bridge (Q’eswachaka) in existence nearby (just 1.5 hours more driving!).

Puerto Bonito is the only nudist beach in Peru, also known as Barrancadero, located in the district of San Antonio in Cañete.

The Naturist Association of Peru (ANNPE)was founded in 1999. The summer nudist activities are carried out on the beach (Puerto Viejo) and in winter in rural areas at the Naturist Rest house (Cieneguilla). In 2007 the association had 235 members.

There seems little to find on naturism in Peru and 2020 has seen lockdowns there like elsewhere. I did find where Peruvian naturists seem to be keeping up to date with naturism around the world – including a couple of articles on BN and the Naked Heart Walk!


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