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This is the beginning of something good

I have just spent two sunny days in an English country idyll where the only sound was the breeze rustling in the trees and horses neighing. Mill Bank Sun Club invited East Sussex Naturists to join them at their new country retreat just 20 minutes drive from our new swimming location in Hailsham. MBSC members had worked had to prepare for this first rally of 2021 and had put up a large marquee and repaired the barbeque, so on Saturday evening we were charmed by Jim's digital music skills and shared a meal together. I acquired a tent from another member and was able to practise putting it up and taking it down. The last times I can remember doing this was at the Naturist Foundation and was pleased this time not to be doing so in a 'refreshing' rain storm. Indeed I helped another member try to pack his tent away then in a steady rain shower whilst we tried in vain to encourage a pop-up tent to return to its carry case. Twice we watched a You Tube video on his smartphone before we were able to work it out. just as well I was naked as I would have been soaked through!

On Sunday we had a call to the marque at 3 p.m. precisely to sample Sue's fantastic cake and share tea time. Then we got reminiscing! Luckily one member had a watch on (I rarely wear one these days having a mobile phone but it always seems to be in the glove box when I need to know the time!), so we managed to get way in time to reach the pool.

It was December 24th the last time we were there and it was cold, dark and miserable with a new lockdown the only thing to look forward to. Today we had a full house booked in although 4 couldn't make it on the day, but 24 people enjoyed the large pool and it didn't feel the least crowded. I only managed 2 lengths in the first 3/4 of an hour as it was really great to catch up with members old and new. One even drove from Hampton Court to be with us.

All our visitor comments were encouraging and we hope to welcome more new members to our expanding club - we had 6 new members during lockdown! There are lots of positive stories about naturism in the UK recently and we have certainly seen an increase in inquiries and today we saw them converted into a busy vibrant swim.

Our pinnacle event this year is a naked walk for charity up in Surrey and the organisers visited last week and shot a video we hope will encourage even more than the 80+ people who have already signed up to take part. We called it the Naked Heart Walk as it bears witness to the scar on my chest and to the British Heart Foundation that I have volunteered with for the last 10 years.

We are at the beach Tuesday week so I do hope our warm spell of weather continues.

I hope to see you at one of our events soon.


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