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We don't have the right to be on the beach?

The writer will be giving an online talk on naturist/nudist beaches in the United Kingdom on March 25th 2021.

See the Events page for details on how to get a free ticket or go to EventBrite .

About this Event In England ‘Every beach is a naturist beach’. Free Beach Quiz - did you know? # There are hundreds of beaches suitable for naturism in the U.K. # One beach has it’s own unique flower. # One has its own distillery. # What are your rights on the beach?

# You can ‘own’ a beach. # Visitors get a cup of tea on one naturist beach. # Which beach is ‘definitely’ not a naturist beach? # Which vicar advocated running down naked to the sea’? # Why is ‘Apricot Duplicity Tides’ – the key to meeting naturists on the beach?

Actually nobody knows if the public are allowed on any beach at all, let alone without any costume. Sounds like a pantomine? The naturist beach is behind you - oh no it isn't says the council; it's not a designated beach - but they don't have the authority to designate or de-designate as the beach is part of the Crown Estates. Full story can be found at Our speaker for this online talk, Dr. Philip Baker, holds the record for the least attended Naturist Beach Day (in Sussex) and has first hand knowledge of a fraction of the free beaches in England. He was rewarded by being voted Treasurer and Chairman of the Eastbourne Naturist Swim Club which currently has about 40 members – though come to mention it I haven’t seen any of them lately (a quote from the forthcoming book A Naturist Guide to the Universe).

Read about the history of pantomime at - it's not as English as you might think.

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